Our focus is to provide natural health solutions, reduce antibiotic use in both human and animals, reach optimum health and maintain it. We strive to offer top quality products, solutions and innovative service.


If you need organic, natural, safe supplements, we have the solution


Crossgates Organic Apple Cider Vinegar is made from fresh, whole crushed apples, is unpasteurised and contains no preservatives. Suitable for humans and animals.


Crossgates Certified Organic Seaweed is totally natural and of vegetable origin, making it easy to digest and safe to feed to animals of all ages. Suitable for animals large and small.


Crossgates Probiotics is a soluble powder, promoting normal digestive function and re-establishing beneficial micro-flora in the gut. Suitable for small and large dogs, calves, piglets, poultry (broilers) and pigeons.

GB-ORG-02 UK Agriculture

Welcome to Crossgates Wholesale

Crossgates Bioenergetics was established in 1998 at Crossgates Farm in Bank Newton, Skipton. From there, the company has evolved and now provides solutions for Human and Animal Health at North Street, Gargrave with the use of Bioenergetics, Hair Analysis, Remedies, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Seaweed and Probiotics.

Natural solutions for the food and animal industry


Meet our Founder and Director of Crossgates Bioenergetics – Julie Dodgson


Julie started her career in 1998 after becoming very ill in 1995. She was immobile for 12 months and conventional medicines and treatment had no effect on her. Feeling hopeless, a close friend introduced Julie to an alternative option. This is where Julie began her journey to recovery and learnt about alternative and natural therapies. Qualifying as a homeopath at the Lakeland College of Homeopathy in 2009, Julie continues to develop new ways of healing and alternative therapies.


Crossgates Bioenergetics, is a successful business now based in Gargrave, with 16 dedicated staff providing natural solutions for you and your animals.


We have been providing Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic Seaweed and Probiotics since we started The Crossgates Business in 1998. This has grown tremendously and we are now looking forward to growing other businesses by offering wholesale online – www.crossgatesfarm.co.uk (online shop).



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